Design week 2017 Milano

Understate is a trend and style workshop; a stage from which give different emotions every time. They feed designers’ creativity, they amplify the horizons of our private clients. Either way it is exclusivity to be the common denominator of our concepts, which rhythmically encourage our creativity. Understate is style. Every artistic choice is made according to a characteristic pathway denominated by a “total look” able to shake emotions and ambitions. Colours, materials, finishes, at Understate the only mandatory word is unconventional. Understate is a fact of custom. Who appreciates a company, doesn’t just buy its exclusive objects, but embraces, more or less consciously, a way of life, a vision of the world. The thin borderline between imagination and reality rules both our product and windows history, an unlimited source of ideas.

Viale Francesco Crispi 5/b 20121 Milano